Automatically Mount a Network Share OSX Mountain Lion

Having trouble mounting a network share automatically at login? The trick is to avoid using the + symbol and drag the server connection icon from the desktop to the login items windows. Here is how to do it.

1.)Open the finder preferences Finder > Preferences, select general, and then select Connected servers.
2.)Confirm your share is connected and is visible on the desktop as an icon. If the share is not connected connect to the share using Go > Connect to Server and supply the connection name and password then save the credentials.
3.)Open System Preferences > Users and Groups. Select the user in the user list, click the Login Items tab. Drag the Connected servers icon from the desktop to the Login Items list.

When you login the share will be opened automatically since you created the share, enabled the Finder preference to show sever connections, connected to the share and saved the password, and finally dragged the icon from the desktop to the Login Items. Note: Although there is an option to hide the login item, each time you log in the finder will open the shared resource.

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