Make Windows 7 USB Flash Drive

Advanced User Instructions

ERD60 for vista and Windows 7 are USB drive bootable by following these instructions

1. Run command prompt with admin privileges

2. Type in “diskpart”

3. Type in “list disk” to find diskpart’s designation for your USB drive

4. Assuming your USB drive is listed as disk 1 type:

a. select disk 1

b. clean

c. create partition primary

d. select partition 1

e. active

f. format fs=fat32 quick

g. assign

h. exit

*do not close the elevated command prompt

*it is usually ok to create a NTFS partition on the flash drive, but this sometimes causes problems on initial boot. I only recommend doing this for flash memory larger than 4gb, and when they are going to be used with a newer computer.

5. We now need to make the flash drive bootable.

a.Insert or mount your windows Vista or 7 DVD

b.Go to the elevated command prompt and change the directory to your Windows DVD by typing the following commands. (Substitute “d” for your DVD drive letter)

1. d:

2. cd d:\boot

c. We are now going to use a tool called bootsect located on the windows DVD. Assuming your USB drive is located at E: enter the following command

3. bootsect /nt60 E:

6. Now we need to coppy all of the Windows files to the USB drive. Assuming you have the DVD mounted to D: and the USB drive located at E: then type this into the admin elevated command prompt:

xcopy D:\*.* /s/e E:\

7. In the bios change the boot order to allow the computer to boot from the flash drive.

That’s it.

These instructions are from MSDaRT10-Blueforce.

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