Perl Script is a script to retrieve album art images from the APIC frame of ID3v2 MP3 tags. It places the album art image file in the MP3 folder with the name of your choosing. It requires the MP3::Tag, File::Find, and Image::Magick Perl modules. It is an effective tool to create album art JPEG files for music jukebox applications such as Andromeda and Jinzora.

Digital Music and Album Artwork

Adding album artwork to your digital music library can be quite easy if you have the right tools for the job.  Many choices exist for extracting, copying, viewing album art from digital music however choosing one can be difficult.  Here are a few great applications (apps) or programs to get the tricky job of extracting the album art (cover art) from that digital music.

The first album art copy program is called Tune Up.  The album art program will easily copy and extract album art from your iTunes music libary.  There are other advanced feature to Tune Up as well wich work fantastic on your digital music collection. In my opinion Tune Up is the best applications to view copy extract or insert album art for your digital music collection on your Macintosh or PC.  Download Tune Up today.  Besides Tune Up there are other Macintosh and PC applications tools to help with copy  album artwork to your digital music collection.  For example I wrote a album art perl program for Linux with extracts album cover art and cover art for music jukeboxs applications. is a program that scans your digital music collection for music and automatically views the music then extracts the album cover art to a file with a name you specify.  For example, lets say you have a large digital music collection and you want to make it available to yourself on the web.  Just copy the digital music to your web server and download  Choose your digital music location and start the program and let it to its magic.  The album cover art will magically extract to the folder. This program works best on Linux with mp3 and image magick perl modules installed. What is really nice about this it will batch process your entire digital music library very quickly. It is designed to work with a an organized digital music library with all albums placed inside their own folders.

Have fun with album cover artwork! Your digital music will never be the same.